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Charting Your Course to Bliss: Top Tips and Tricks for Planning a Perfect Bliss Cruise

I am thrilled to share some tips and tricks to help you take your next adventure on the Bliss Cruise to the next level. This article is long but very helpful. While I know much more information could be provided in this article, this is all the information I wish I had known during my first Bliss Cruise. I have presented this information in the following order: before you arrive at the port, the day you arrive at the port, what to do when you get on the ship, and the requirements for when we port. I know this article is long, so feel free to scroll down to the sections that apply to your questions.

As a seasoned swinger and relationship expert, I understand that cruising with like-minded couples can be both exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. That is why I am committed to providing you with practical advice that will make your experience unforgettable in the best possible way. Whether you want to strengthen your relationships, explore your boundaries, or have fun, the Bliss Cruise offers many opportunities to discover and connect with others who share your passion for adventure. So, let's start and embark on a journey of discovery, laughter, and pure ecstasy.

Fast Facts to Know:

  • Stay on ship time! No other time matters when you are on Bliss Cruise!

  • Pace yourself with your alcohol intake and hydrate frequently.

  • Bliss Cruise offers many exciting workshops, playshops, and parties; don’t over-schedule yourself. You might not experience everything your time around, but trust me, you will be back!

  • Bliss Cruise has its own security team onboard. If you have any issues, look for someone in a yellow shirt.

  • Bliss Cruise brings on a licensed professional counselor who is on call and available for anyone experiencing relationship issues. You paid to be on the cruise; don’t allow a fight with your partner to ruin your experience.

  • Host couples are in the playrooms day and night. They ensure the room is clean, rules are followed, and they can answer any questions about the Bliss Cruise experience. If you have questions, find a Bliss Cruise representative wearing a blue shirt with a Bliss Cruise name tag.

  • Upon arrival at your room, you will find a welcome bag full of goodies. The most important item in the bag is the Bliss Cruise Journal. This will tell you everything you need to know, including meet-and-greet schedules, where the parties are, and workshop and playshop schedules. You can also find this information on the Bliss Cruise app.

  • Every morning, turn on your TV to watch the daily announcements. The Bliss Cruise director films a funny and informative segment about the day's activities.

  • Each cruise line will have it own app that is separate from the Bliss Cruise app. You will need to download both apps.

  • The Bliss Cruise Help Desk is the hub of all activity; if you have questions or want to attend a playshop they have you covered. Always visit the Help Desk before asking the cruise staff.

Couple relaxing on the deck of a cruise ship

Sexual Health

It is crucial to prioritize your sexual health by getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) before and after embarking on your Bliss Cruise adventure. Ensuring that you and your partners have a clean bill of health not only promotes personal well-being but also contributes to the collective safety of the community.

The at-home STI test provided by Shameless Care promotes personal well-being and contributes to the community's collective safety offers a discreet and convenient way to monitor your sexual health before and after engaging in intimate activities. By taking proactive steps to get tested regularly, we uphold a shared responsibility to maintain a clean panel within our community, fostering an environment of trust, respect, and well-being for all participants.

Remember, prioritizing STI testing is about individual health and caring for the health and safety of everyone involved in our shared experiences.

Before You Arrive

As you prepare for your Bliss Cruise, download the Bliss Cruise app. This digital companion is not just a handy tool, it's a crucial step in pre-cruise preparations. It will provide all the necessary information and streamline your boarding process. By checking in with the cruise line before you arrive at the port, you can scan your passport, upload a selfie, and generate a mobile boarding pass. This efficient process will make your arrival at the port a breeze, leaving you more time to enjoy the excitement of the cruise.

When it comes to your luggage, it's important to prioritize preparation. Print out your luggage tags and attach them to your bags before arrival. These tags are not just a formality. They are essential to ensure your luggage gets delivered to the correct stateroom. By having them ready, you can spend less time outside the terminal, feeling secure and worry-free. Additionally, consider purchasing luggage tag holders from my Amazon List to protect them from damage, ensuring your belongings arrive in perfect condition.

Before stepping into the terminal, it's crucial to pack a separate carry-on bag with all your essentials for the day. This includes medications, travel documentation, boarding passes, and valuable items. Don't forget your passport! While a birth certificate and government-issued photo ID may be acceptable, having a passport ensures smoother embarkation and disembarkation procedures. It also reassures you against unforeseen situations during your cruise vacation, such as a medical emergency in a foreign country, making you feel prepared and secure.

If you complete the virtual muster drill in advance (before you arrive), you will get to the party quicker. This mandatory drill familiarizes you with necessary safety procedures. Completing it beforehand will give you more time to enjoy the fun onboard and explore Bliss Cruise's exciting activities.

Banned Items

  • Firearms and weapons: Any kind of firearms, including handguns, rifles, and ammunition, as well as any other weapons or dangerous objects, are typically not allowed onboard.

  • Illegal drugs and substances: Possessing or using illegal drugs or substances, including narcotics, is strictly prohibited on cruise ships.

  • Alcoholic beverages (outside limited quantities): Most cruise lines have policies regarding bringing alcoholic beverages onboard. Guests are usually only allowed to bring a limited amount of alcohol, such as a certain number of bottles of wine or champagne per person.

  • Irons and clothes steamers: Due to their fire hazard, irons and clothes steamers are generally not permitted onboard. Cruise lines usually offer onboard laundry and pressing services for your convenience.

    • Pro-tip: turn your shower on as hot as it will go and hang your clothes in the bathroom so the steam will remove the wrinkles.

  • Open flames and burning materials: Items such as candles, incense, and fireworks are typically banned on cruises due to their fire risk. This is done to maintain a safe environment for all passengers and crew.

  • Electrical extension cords (some cruise lines may permit power strips): Extension cords may be prohibited to prevent fire hazards and ensure electrical safety. However, some cruise lines may allow power strips without surge protection.

    • Pro-tip: visit my Amazon List and find the power outlet I bring on the ship.

Cruise Ship Terminology

It pays to understand cruise ship terms and definitions so you don’t wander around too much during your vacation. Although, while on board, you’ll never be truly lost. You can find a deck plan of each vessel to get to know it before your trip in the comfort of your home.

Until then, here’s a crash course in ship architecture.

  • Bow: The bow is the front of the ship.

  • Bridge: The bridge is where the captain steers the ship.

  • Galley: A galley is a ship’s kitchen. There are many galleys on a cruise ship.

  • Gangway: The gangway is the ramp or staircase that you’ll use to embark or disembark the ship

  • Helm: The helm is the area of the bridge on which the steering wheel is located and used by the crew only.

  • Hull: The hull is the outside of the ship.

  • Keel: The keel is the ship’s bottom center.

  • Leeward: The side of the ship where you’ll feel most sheltered from wind is leeward.

  • Lido: Lido is an often-used term for the deck where the outdoor pools are located.

  • Midship: This is the middle of the ship.

  • Port: The ship's left side facing forward is called port. If you have difficulty remembering that, remember that “left” and “port” have four letters.

  • Starboard: The right side of the ship is starboard.

  • Stern/aft: This is the rear part of a ship closest to the casual dining

  • Upper deck: The upper deck is typically closest to the entertainment, fun, and outdoor deck areas.

Sailaway Day!

When you arrive at the terminal, you must go through a security process similar to an airport, so be prepared to send your belongings through an X-ray scanner and walk through a body screener. And be cautious of bringing anything strictly prohibited, like a clothes steamer, iron, or candles, as this will delay your check-in process and could even lead to denied boarding.

After you have made your way through security and your bags have been safely stowed away, you will make your way up the gangway, which may feel a bit steep. Your passport will be scanned once more to ensure a smooth boarding process.

As you step foot onto the ship, be prepared to be warmly greeted by the Bliss Cruise Ambassadors. Take a moment to say a quick hello to these friendly individuals hosting workshops and events throughout the ship. They'll be easy to spot, so keep an eye out for them.

Once on the ship, head straight to your stateroom and retrieve your key. Your key will be in a sealed envelope outside your room. Your room may not be ready just yet, but it's essential to always have your sea pass or room card with you. This card will serve as your on-board identification and grant you access to various amenities and services.

Now, it's time to locate your muster station. Each passenger is assigned a designated muster station, ensuring everyone's safety in an emergency. You can find your assigned muster station printed on your boarding pass. It's important to note that muster stations are based on room location and are explicitly assigned to ensure an organized and efficient check-in process.

Depending on the cruise line, the muster station check-in can be quick, especially if you have already watched the safety video before arriving at the port. This video familiarizes you with important safety procedures, smoothing the check-in process and allowing you more time to enjoy your cruise experience.

Once you've checked into your muster station, it's time to embark on a world of exciting possibilities! If you're hungry, head to the buffet, which should be open and ready to tantalize your taste buds. The food options are eclectic and delicious, catering to various preferences.

The bars are open and ready to serve your favorite drinks as you explore the ship. Remember to have your seapass card handy to purchase alcohol while on board.

One of the first areas you may want to visit is the Lido Deck, the lively outdoor pool area that is open and awaiting guests. This is where your carry-on bag will be handy, as you can easily change into your swimwear and dive into the refreshing pool. Surrounding the pool, you'll find bars ready to quench your thirst while you soak up the sun.

The Lido Deck is the hub of activity and excitement during sailaway, offering a vibrant atmosphere for guests to mingle and enjoy the start of their cruise journey. With the DJ, the crowd, and the excitement, this is where the party gets started. You cannot be topless on the Lido Deck while we are in port!

As you soak in the lively ambiance, several travel agencies in the midship area offer freebies and travel tips. Stop by, say hello, and grab some goodies before returning to the pool for fun.

For those interested in enriching their cruise experience, the playshops go on sale at 1:30 pm when you arrive. These popular classes often sell out quickly, so you should line up early to secure your spot. All charges for the playshops will be conveniently billed to your

seacard, eliminating the need for cash transactions.

To make the most of your time, consider having one partner line up for the playshops while the other grabs drinks from the nearby bar. Remember, registration is required only for the paid classes, also known as playshops. The workshops, on the other hand, are complimentary and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Arrive 10 minutes early to snag a good seat and immerse yourself in invaluable learning experiences.

Pro-tip for the playshops: Before we set sail, you will get the available classes. Review everything, and know what you want when registering for the playshop. All of the day's activities will be listed on the Bliss Cruise app.

Here is a list of playshops I have conducted on previous cruises. Please note the Playshops  vary on each cruise; however, I wanted to provide some examples of what might be offered:

o   Pleasuring the Pearl

o   Plearsuring the Penis

o   Blind Lust

o   Sex Reimagined

Nudity Expectations: The following information comes directly from the Bliss Cruise Acceptable Behavior Policy that every guest signed (but did you read it?):

  • Nudity is only allowed outside decks, playrooms, and the sauna.

    • Please note that you cannot go nude in any elevator; you must be covered.

  • Topless is permitted once inside the discos.

  • Body paint without clothing may be considered nude.

  • Nudity is only allowed in designated areas.

    • Please always sit on a towel if nude. It’s just common courtesy.

  • Nudity is not permitted while in any port of call unless otherwise instructed by the ship captain, even if you are on your own balcony.

Port Days 

During port days, all passengers are welcome to disembark the ship at the designated time. It's important to know the specific departure and return times. Before leaving, grab your day bag with essentials like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, your phone or camera, and your seapass card. Follow the signs to the appropriate exit door. As you depart, scan your seapass card and remember to scan it again when you reboard the ship. Keep track of your seapass, and don't misplace it!

Once you're off the ship, depending on the port, you'll discover various shops and shore excursions. You can purchase excursions while onboard or explore activities available in the port. Shore excursions are fantastic opportunities to enhance your cruise experience. They include snorkeling through coral reefs, exploring ancient Roman ruins, hiking on glaciers, and shopping at local outdoor markets.

Participating in shore excursions is entirely optional. In most cases, you have the freedom to disembark and explore on your own. However, if you prefer the convenience of guides and transportation, a shore excursion might be the right choice. It can provide valuable insights and help you maximize your time ashore.

While in port, be aware that maritime laws apply to everyone. It's essential to act responsibly to avoid any issues. You are permitted to purchase alcohol while in port, but please note that the bottles will be held until the cruise's final day. Remember that you cannot bring food back onto the ship. Finally, remember that the ship will not wait for you if you're late. Return on time, as the ship has a set departure schedule.

If you decide to stay on the ship during port days, there are plenty of exciting options for you to enjoy. You can join lively parties, relax by the pool without the usual crowd, or indulge in well-deserved pampering at the spa. Staying onboard can be a perfect opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate, especially if you've been partying all night.

Additionally, engaging workshops and interactive playshops will be available, providing you with opportunities to learn new skills and have fun in a playful and interactive setting. Take advantage of these onboard activities to make your cruise experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Sexual Activity Rules

To ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all passengers, it is important to remember that sexual activity is limited to your private cabin or designated play areas on the ship. This rule applies to everyone, and there are no exceptions. It is strictly prohibited to approach any member of the ship's staff to solicit any form of sexual activity. Additionally, shipboard staff are not allowed in your cabin for this purpose, as they can lose their jobs if found violating this policy.

Guests who disregard the rules regarding sexual activity in restricted areas may be removed from the ship by the security team at the next port of call. Please note that no refunds will be issued in such cases. We kindly ask all passengers to respect these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone aboard.

Dungeon Experience

Exploring the dungeon might initially seem intimidating, but I encourage you to try it. At Bliss Cruise, we prioritize safety and education, especially in the dungeon. It is a space where you can delve into various experiences under the guidance of skilled and experienced dungeon masters.

Various elements can cater to various interests and preferences, from restraints and impact play toys to sensory deprivation apparatus. The dungeon offers a unique and exciting opportunity to discover new aspects of your pleasure and explore consensual BDSM activities. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or curious to explore this realm, the dungeon provides a safe and supportive environment for your journey.

Inside the dungeon, you can find a diverse range of equipment and tools that can enhance your experiences. Various elements can cater to various interests and preferences, from restraints and impact play toys to sensory deprivation apparatus. Our knowledgeable dungeon masters are there to answer questions, offer guidance, and ensure that all activities are conducted with respect and consent.

Participating in the dungeon activities can allow you to learn, grow, and develop a deeper understanding of your desires. It is essential to communicate your boundaries and preferences with your partner(s) and the dungeon masters to create a consensual and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Remember, exploration in the dungeon is optional, and you should only engage in activities you feel comfortable and enthusiastic about. We aim to foster a judgment-free and inclusive space where everyone can explore their unique interests and have a fulfilling experience.

So, if you're curious and open-minded, I encourage you to step into the dungeon and discover the thrilling possibilities that await you within the realm of pleasure and exploration.

I hope this information has helped prepare you for your Bliss Cruise adventure. My aim is to provide the information I wish I had known during my first Bliss Cruise experience. Should you have any further questions or need assistance during your journey, the Bliss Cruise representatives and crew are here to assist you. I wish you an incredible time exploring the various offerings, connecting with like-minded individuals, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Bon voyage!

Dramatically Yours,

Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie, PhD is the founder of Evolve Your Intimacy. Being ethically non-monogamous in her personal life, she is passionate about helping others discover their relationships' true potential regardless of the dynamics. She specializes in working with individuals in alternative relationships in her private practice, hosting workshops and playshops at events, on cruises, and through her online platform. She holds a PhD in Clinical Sexology, an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, Arizona, and Florida, and a Certified Sex Therapist. If you want to work with Dr. Stephanie, schedule a free consultation. 

If you appreciate my work, Buy Me A Coffee! Your support is greatly appreciated. 

*Evolve Your Intimacy does make a small commission from Amazon. Evolve Your Intimacy is an affiliate of Shameless Care.


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