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Single Men, become the gift they're looking for. Earn your seal of approval and learn about what the Lifestyle is, Respect & Etiquette, Do's & Don'ts, Human Sexuality, Sexual Techniques, Dance & Seduction, and much more...

A virtual workshop with Sexologists, Sex Therapists, Relationship & Sex Coaches, Professional Educators, Lifestyle Advocates & Influencers.

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Love languages are unique in nature. Helping us understand our needs and our partner's needs, wants, and desires. Finding the language that engages them. That language can be verbal, physical, mental, and more...

A virtual class with Sexologists, Sex Therapists, Board Certified Relationship & Sex Coaches, and Professional Instructors, 

Libido and Orgasm Workshop (2).png

Learn about your body or your partner's body, desires, cravings, sexual function, techniques, and tips/tricks to achieving an orgasm, and more. Not all women are created equal and neither are vulvas...

A virtual workshop with Sexologists, Sex Therapists, Sexperts, Medical Professionals, and Professional Instructors





Master Class





Winner of the 2023 ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards for Best Educator, Best Educator Website & Social Media Influencer of the Year

ASN Magazine Lifestyle Awards
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