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Check out these intimate items that are guaranteed to enhance, evolve, and increase your intimacy and sex life

My Pleasure Plus
My Pleasure Plus sex toy
My Pleasure Plus


  • Rechargeable base with a discreet and interchangeable vibrating wand.

  • Perfectly concealed to take with you anywhere. Now your pleasure can literally be at your fingertips.

  • Settings 1 - 4  are specific to one of the best sonic toothbrushes available.

  • Setting 5, on the base, is one of the strongest vibrations on the market.

Created for women by women for your pleasure.

Our patented line of vibrations, with 31,000-48,000 Sonic pulses per minute, paired with raised nodules for optimal clitoral stimulation, means PREMIUM SONIC PLEASURE!


WHY TEST WITH Shameless?

The owners of Shameless Health are in the lifestyle.

Over the years, they have seen THOUSANDS of people have sex at lifestyle resorts, clubs, parties, and hotel takeovers.

 - They understand how people connect and play, and can get you with doctors who understand.

 - There are no telehealth companies that allow for inexpensive throat swab testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia, even though most people do not use protection for oral sex.

 - Those bacterial infections spread quickly and are often asymptomatic in the throat. People believe they have a comprehensive STD test from their doctor, and usually, they’ve not tested for the very things they are most likely to have.

Shameless Care offers all testing that is relevant to your lifestyle, when you need it, at an affordable price.

Shameless Care flyer

Erectile Dysappointment? Shameless Has You Covered!

Customized Treatment Options

 - Four monthly quantity and pricing options! 


Become a Member

During checkout an account will be created for you. This will allow you to access our member area, which includes access to our clinic.

Patient On-Boarding

Afterward, you'll be directed to a secure, HIPPA-compliant form to enter medical information. This information will be reviewed by medical staff.


If it appears ED medication is a good fit for you, our clinic will issue a prescription. If further information is needed, a doctor may reach out.

Tremor sex toy

About Tremor

The Tremor is a ride-on sex toy built from the ground up with a lightweight, white, A-frame sleek base and all digital controls and motors for more granular precise control.


The Tremor is 100's of dollars less than competitive products with a number of well thought out features and functions that simply aren't available in other products.

$30 Off Your Purchase


After sign-up a screen will pop-up at the end and ask you "How they heard about us" please refer us and use the code below under affiliates.

USE CODE ULDrStephanie

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