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Pack Smart, Pack Light: Your Complete Guide for Packing for Bliss Cruise

Updated: Mar 15

Are you ready to embark on a tantalizing and exhilarating journey like the Bliss Cruise? Prepare those suitcases because it's time to pack for the adventure of a lifetime! However, don't let the thrill of setting sail on the Bliss Cruise overwhelm you. Trust me, I speak from experience as a Bliss Cruise veteran who has indulged in the seductive atmosphere of not one, not two, but four previous voyages. I've learned something about packing smart and efficiently for the ultimate Bliss Cruise experience.


Let's dive sensibly into the art of packing for this unforgettable adventure. The key here is to strike the perfect balance - you want to avoid being left wanting for those essential items, and you want to haul around a suitcase bursting at the seams with unnecessary stuff. So, let me guide you through the essentials that should make their way into your Bliss Cruise suitcase.


Theme Nights


Bliss Cruise theme nights highlight the journey, so be prepared to unleash your inner fashionista. From elegant cocktail dresses and sharp suits for formal nights to vibrant, tropical prints for island-themed evenings, ensure your attire matches the occasion. And remember the costume nights! Let your imagination run wild as you bring exciting and eye-catching ensembles that align with the designated themes of these electrifying events.


A retail store, VeeJays Hot Spot, will be on the ship that sells sexy theme night outfits if you get on board and decide to enhance your theme night ensemble. You can also order your theme wear before, and he will bring it on the ship for you! Talk about service! Visit his site at and tell him Dr. Stephanie sent you!

If you want to take your theme night costume to a whole new level, why not reserve your spot with the incredible body painters that Bliss Cruise brings onboard? These talented professionals are experts at their craft and can create a truly unique and stunning costume for you.

By planning and booking a session with these fantastic body painters, you can embrace a one-of-a-kind experience that eliminates the need to pack numerous theme night costumes. With your clothes painted directly onto your body, explore all Bliss Cruise offers while feeling comfortable and confident in your body paint. It's a clever and fun way to navigate the ship while enjoying the sensation of being beautifully adorned.

So, if you want to dazzle everyone with a genuinely extraordinary costume and skip the hassle of packing traditional outfits, don't hesitate to reserve your spot with the talented body painters. Get ready to proudly embrace your body paint and enjoy every moment of your Bliss Cruise adventure in a unique and freeing way.

Here are some great sites for sexy theme wear (I do not receive any monetary kickback from these sites; these are the ones that I have ordered from in the past):

1.     Yandy

2.     SpicyLingerie

3.     AMI ClubWear

4.     Forplay


Theme Night Pro-Tip: Shoes

Ladies, let's talk about footwear for the theme nights on the Bliss Cruise. If you're determined to wear heels with your fabulous theme wear, I highly recommend opting for wedges. They offer a bit more stability and make it easier to navigate the occasional rocking ship.


Speaking from personal experience, I've found that investing in comfortable foldable flats can be a lifesaver. I keep them in my bag so when my feet start hurting. I can quickly switch them out and keep dancing the night away. If you're interested, Check out the ones on my Amazon Favorites List.


Regarding packing for these exciting theme nights, versatility is key. Bring clothing and accessories that can easily transition between different themes, allowing your imagination to run wild and creating eye-catching ensembles. Take note of the specific theme night schedule for your Bliss Cruise so you can pack accordingly and fully immerse yourself in the thrilling-themed fun.


To pack effectively for these theme nights, consider bringing versatile clothing and accessories that can easily transition between different themed costumes. Let your imagination run wild as you get exciting and eye-catching ensembles that align with the designated themes of these electrifying events. It's important to check the specific theme night schedule for your Bliss Cruise to ensure you pack accordingly and take advantage of the themed fun.

Theme Night FAQ’s

  1. Are the theme nights mandatory, or can I opt out if I want to avoid participating?

    1. Participation is not mandatory, but it's highly encouraged. The theme nights highlight the cruise and offer a fun and light-hearted atmosphere that helps guests connect. BUT if you don’t want to participate in one of the theme nights, don’t. The beauty of Bliss Cruise is that you have the freedom to dress any way you want.

  2. Are there any restrictions or guidelines for the costumes on theme nights?

    1. It's essential to consider the cruise's dress code policies, such as avoiding costumes that may be considered offensive or discriminatory toward any race, culture, or religion. Additionally, costumes should be appropriate for an adult audience.

  3. Can I wear my theme night costume in the dining room?

    1. Yes, you can wear your costume in the main dining room. If you wear a G-string or no underwear under your short skirt, you will be provided a towel to sit on while enjoying your dinner.


Day-to-Day Wear on Bliss Cruise

Your wardrobe choices for day-to-day wear on the Bliss Cruise will vary depending on whether we're in port or out at sea. Let's break it down!

On sea days, you'll have the freedom to enjoy the pool areas and playrooms while being topless or even nude if you prefer. How liberating! Remember that when you're moving from one place to another - like going from the pool to the café - you'll need a coverup handy. The common areas outside the designated zones do require clothing, and you'll need to keep your nipples covered. It's easy to spot the designated areas, but if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask one of our friendly Bliss Cruise employees.

Now, when we're at a port, the general rule is that we're all covered up. That means you'll need to wear your swimsuit - both the top and the bottom - when lounging by the outdoor pool. Don't worry. We've got your comfort in mind. There are designated areas where you can be nude while in port, but these areas are carefully selected to ensure your privacy without the risk of being spotted by people on other ships. If there are any special clothing requirements at the pool while in ports, we'll make announcements over the PA system to ensure everyone is informed.

So whether we're cruising at sea or exploring a port destination, we've got you covered (or uncovered, depending on the situation) to ensure you have a fabulous and comfortable experience on the Bliss Cruise.

Packing Door & Room Decorations

Remember that packing light can still lead to stunning results when designing your statement room door on the Bliss Cruise. I've seen some genuinely extravagant door decorations and simpler yet equally impactful ones. So, let's get creative!

If you're seeking a simple and convenient option, why not print out photos of you and your partner to display on the door using magnets? SwingerNiche offers a fantastic selection that is tailored explicitly for the LS community. This personal touch will add a unique element to your space and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. While Bliss Cruise provides a whiteboard in your welcome pack, bringing your own can add a touch of sophistication and allow for even more interaction with fellow cruisers.

Decorated Door on the Bliss Cruise
Decorated Door on the Bliss Cruise
Decorated Door on the Bliss Cruise
Decorated Door on the Bliss Cruise

You can leave messages, share exciting plans, and engage in delightful conversations, making your door a connection hub during the cruise.

Now, let's talk about lighting! Adding lights to your door can make a world of difference, especially when you're hosting others. Imagine how a fun and colorful light can transform the ambiance of your room. And don't forget to bring a portable speaker to entertain your guests with lively music. It's the perfect way to create a fun atmosphere and start the party right in your own stateroom.

When it comes to decorating your door, remember to be mindful of our differently-abled friends on board that navigate the slim hall ways with their mobility aids. Everyone is welcome on the Bliss Cruise and we want them to be as comfortable as the able-bodied folks on board.

Get ready to let your imagination soar as you decorate your statement room and make it a true reflection of your unique style. Just remember, the possibilities are endless!


Communication on Bliss Cruise

Bliss Cruise offers a fantastic app that simplifies communication during your time on the ship. However, we all know that technology can have its quirks, and at times, messages may not go through as smoothly as we'd like. That's where an ingenious idea comes in – creating 'Slut Cards' or business cards with your pictures and stateroom number on them.

Picture this: you are attracted to someone you meet on the cruise. But, with the ship being so large and people going about their adventures, there's a chance you might not run into them again. That's where the power of the 'Slut Card' comes into play! By exchanging these cards, you can increase the chances of reconnecting and continuing the connection you've sparked.

These cards, adorned with your pictures and stateroom number, are a fantastic way to make a lasting impression and provide a convenient means of keeping in touch. Plus, they add a touch of fun and playfulness to your encounters, making the experience all the more exciting.

So, don't hesitate to bring along your personalized 'Slut Cards' or creative business cards to share with those you connect with onboard. They can be the key to reuniting with someone special and adding another layer of adventure to your Bliss Cruise experience!


Storage Solutions

Regarding storage in your standard stateroom on Bliss Cruise, you must be mindful of the limited space available for your clothes and personal items. But fear not—I have some helpful tips to make the most of your space!


Firstly, let's talk about magnets. Since the walls and ceilings in your stateroom are made of metal, magnets will become your trusty companions. Bring some magnet hooks, which can be used to hang wet clothes or even the lights you plan to bring as decorations. This way, you can maximize the available space and keep things organized.


Another great idea is to bring an empty shoe hanger that hangs on the back of the bathroom door. This clever storage solution allows you to keep your essentials conveniently within reach. Whether it's toiletries, small accessories, or toys (if you're so inclined), having them neatly organized in the shoe hanger will ensure they're easily accessible when needed.


Considering the limited availability of electrical outlets in your stateroom, it's a wise choice to bring a cruise-approved multi-outlet. I personally recommend one that I have listed on my Amazon List for your convenience. By bringing a multi-outlet, you can easily charge all your electronic devices without any hassle or having to take turns. Additionally, if you happen to be staying in an inside cabin without a window or balcony, it's a good idea to pack plug-in lights for the bathroom. This way, you can navigate in a softly lit space without disturbing your partner, reducing the need to fumble around or rely on bright lights.


Following these storage and organization tips, you can maximize your stateroom space and enjoy a comfortable and well-prepared stay on Bliss Cruise. So, pack smart, use magnets creatively, and create a cozy and functional environment for your cruise adventure!


Essential Items

To ensure a smooth and comfortable cruise experience, I have a list of essential items I find beneficial to pack. Let's go through them together:

  1. Fanny pack: A small and convenient accessory for keeping your essentials nearby. It's perfect for storing your sunscreen, which should be compact enough to fit in the fanny pack. This way, you can easily access and reapply sunscreen whenever needed, keeping your skin protected during those sunny days on the ship.

  2. Condoms and lube: It's always a good idea to prioritize your safety and pleasure. Whether you're solo or with a partner, having these items on hand ensures that you're prepared for any intimate encounters that may arise during your cruise.

  3. Multiple pairs of sunglasses: It's great to have options! Pack a selection of sunglasses to match different outfits and activities. Plus, having multiple pairs means you'll have a backup in case you misplace or accidentally sit on a pair (it happens to the best of us!).

  4. Comfortable slippers: When you're craving a midnight pizza run or heading to get Cookies and Milk with Marc from Topless Travel, having comfortable slippers can make all the difference. They relieve tired feet and keep you cozy as you indulge in late-night treats.

  5. Visor: If you plan on spending time by the pool, a visor can provide extra protection from the sun while allowing for adequate ventilation. Enjoy your poolside moments in style and comfort.

  6. Pool towel holders: Windy conditions on the ship can sometimes cause towels to go for an unintended fly. Be prepared by bringing a pool towel holder that securely keeps your towel in place on your pool chair.

  7. Portable fan or sound machine: Your stateroom might be located near playful neighbors who enjoy their friends' company with a bit more enthusiasm. To ensure a good night's sleep, consider packing a portable fan or sound machine to help create a soothing and peaceful relaxing environment.

  8. Water bottle: Staying hydrated is essential, especially when enjoying the drink package on the cruise. Please bring a reusable water bottle that you can fill up throughout the day, making it easier to stay refreshed and ready for all of the playdates.

Lastly, remember that the Bliss Cruise brings like-minded individuals together in an atmosphere of freedom and exploration. So, pack an open mind and an adventurous spirit. Be ready to engage in exciting activities, participate in themed events, dance the night away, and create remarkable memories that will last a lifetime. Oh, and don't stress too much about your packing; chances are, you'll end up wearing your radiant smile more than anything else!

Now that you have your Bliss Cruise packing guide, get ready to sail into the unknown and experience a world where boundaries fade, and pleasure is the order of the day. Bon voyage, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Dramatically your,

Dr. Stephanie


Dr. Stephanie, PhD is the founder of Evolve Your Intimacy. Being ethically non-monogamous in her personal life, she is passionate about helping others discover their relationships' true potential regardless of the dynamics. She specializes in working with individuals in alternative relationships in her private practice, hosting workshops and playshops at events, on cruises, and through her online platform. She holds a PhD in Clinical Sexology, an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, Arizona, and Florida, and a Certified Sex Therapist. If you want to work with Dr. Stephanie, schedule a free consultation. 

If you appreciate my work, Buy Me A Coffee! Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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