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Guidance and Counseling for those looking to Educate, Enlighten and Evolve their Intimacy

Relationships and sexuality can be incredibly intricate, and it's understandable that navigating them can feel overwhelming without a clear guide. At Evolve Your Intimacy we specialize in supporting couples, individuals, and those in alternative relationships who crave transformation, connection, or simply more fulfillment in their relationships or sexuality. We understand that many of us struggle with communication, sexual dissatisfaction, mismatched libidos, and other challenges. Our goal is to empower you to design a relationship or explore your own sexuality according to your unique needs, rather than conforming to societal expectations. We're here to help you identify and create a path that is truly authentic to you.

Que hacemos

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A quien ayudamos


Ayudamos a solteros, ya sean heterosexuales, bisexuales, homosexuales, fluidos, abiertos, transgénero no sexuales, monógamos, no monógamos y más ...


Parejas monógamas, no monógamas o abiertas independientemente

de sexualidad o género


Parejas monógamas, no monógamas o abiertas independientemente

de sexualidad o género

Parejas alternativas

Parejas éticamente no monógamas, abiertas, esposas calientes, swingers, BDSM y más ...

Grupos y más

Relaciones de tres o más, poliamorosas o no. A pesar de

sexualidad o dinámica

Invest in yourself & your relationships




Consultations are 30 min and designed to determine your needs, goals, and the best suited professional

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Intensive Therapy

Don't have time to attend weekly sessions?  We have10 hr weekend intensive sessions 

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Coaching is designed to help guide you through  your relationship, intimacy, and sexual goals

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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is designed to help find, process, and heal issues with relationships, intimacy, trauma, and sex

*Military Discounts Available

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