Guidance and Counseling for those looking to educate, enlighten and evolve their Intimacy

Relationships are hard and there isn’t a guide for each individual relationship dynamic and some of us were never taught how to navigate those waters. We work with couples and individuals who are experiencing a range of disappointments in their relationships or are having struggles with their own sexuality. Many of us have lack of communication, sexual disappointments, mismatched libidos, and we help design a relationship to or sexuality that fits your needs instead of how society tells you things should be. 

How we can help

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Who we help



We help singles whether straight, bisexual, homosexual, fluid, open, nonsexual transgender, monogamous, non-monogamous, and more...


Monogamous, Non-monogamous, or open couples regardless

of sexuality or gender

Adult Industry and Sex Workers

Individuals or partners involved in the adult industry or sex work

Alternative Couples

Couples that are ethically non-monogamous, open, hotwives, swingers, BDSM and more... 

Throuples & More

Relationships of three or more, whether polyamorous or not. Regardless of

sexuality or dynamics

Explore your Relationship and Intimacy

A show about Relationships, Intimacy and Sexuality