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Self Care is Important


Tune-Up Your Relationship

Weekend Therapy


Self Care counseling and coaching, which allows you to meet with your professional in person or have guidance in the comfort of your own home. Too busy to get away from work, you can have a counseling session during your lunch break in the comfort of your office or car.

Couples Counseling and Coaching, because every relationship has times of distress! Is your marriage or relationship in need of a tune-up? Did you know that many relationships end due to poor communication? Let us help you rearrange, or change the way you communicate your love.

Working privately with a therapist for 10 hours will produce the same benefit as a weekend couple’s workshop or a number of  therapy sessions. An intensive session can create the same dramatic and long-lasting shifts in the relationship.  The tools and insights you learn can be applied in daily life immediately.

Because Self Care is Important

Throuples +

The More the Merrier

Alternative Relationships

Lifestyle Relationships

Kink & Fetish

Discover your Twist

Throuples or more Counseling and Coaching, because for some more is merrier. Especially when there are more than two people in love, things can sometimes get a little messy.  Let us help you rearrange, or change the way you communicate with your loved ones.

Ethical Consensual Non-Monogamy, Swingers, Hot Spouses, BDSM, Dom-Sub, and so much more.  For those that choose to live outside the box, sometimes you need a refresher in rules, boundaries, or communication. Let our Alternative Lifestyle Experts help you regroup.

We foster a comfortable non-judgmental environment in which clients are able to explore their interests. The personal exploration is accompanied by discussions of sexual health, sex education, consent, safety, best practices, and the overall fetish and kink culture and what to expect, and how to find your twist.


Winner of the 2023 ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards for Best Educator, Best Educator Website & Social Media Influencer of the Year

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