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Our Story

Stephanie and Fox are a dynamic duo who have a passion for helping others discover their relationships' true potential. Having met on a dating app for a quick hookup they immediately knew that this relationship had the potential to be much more. After many years together they have designed their personal relationship to fulfill their individual desire and needs which include an open concept and strong communication. Stephanie is bi-sexual, Fox is straight and they both thoroughly enjoy sharing their intimacy with other people. Together they feel that it is unrealistic for the other partner to fulfill every sexual desire, and need. So they invite others with similar relationship styles and interest to share in the fun.

What if you were given permission to design your relationship any way you want? Forget everything you were taught growing up, there are no rules when it comes to creating a relationship dynamic that works for you and your partner.  We provide you with the tools and guidance to help you build your ideal partnership.


Our mission is to help people overcome barriers that prevent them from having a relationship(s) they truly desire and deserve.


We envision creating a platform and place of education that takes the status quo relationship and evolves it into what each individual is seeking and thriving for.

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