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Educate and Enlighten yourself by reading these Articles
about Relationships, Intimacy, Kinks, Fetishes, and Sex Education

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Men & Vibrators

Sex toys for men tend to be taboo; however, I declare 2023 to be the year of sex toys for men! Let’s remove the stigma, the shame, and the embarrassment of men enjoying sex toys during coupled or solo play.


Revitalize Your Sexual Arousal

It is not uncommon to hear couples express that the quality of their sex lives has declined. The Kinsey Institute found that more than 40% of individuals have reported a decline in their sex lives. Learn to Revitalize it!


To Be, or Not to Be Bi-Curios? That is the Question!

Society is obsessed with labels; however, many adamantly and defiantly argue that they are not labeling themselves or others, but will hashtag all the labels on social media. What is bisexuality vs. bi-curiosity?

Romantic Couple

Get Out of Your HEAD!

Do you find yourself in your head during times of intimacy? When you are in your head, can you thoroughly enjoy the experience? If you answered yes to either question, you are not alone! Many allow their insecurities to ruin their ability to be fully present during intimate times with their partners.


​Your Brain on BDSM

Does the thought of BDSM turn you on? If yes, why does it turn you on? Understanding your body and how it works can and most definitely will lead to amazing and better sex! Your brain is the largest erogenous zone!


Self- Confidence: In & Out of the Bedroom

“I hate my fat rolls.” “Look at all this damn cellulite.” “My breasts are too saggy.” Women talk to themselves like this day in and day out. Learn to stop this way of thinking and always Carry mindfulness into the bedroom

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Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a serious issue affecting all types of relationships. While much attention has been given to IPV in traditional relationships, it is vital to acknowledge the prevalence of IPV in alternative relationships.


The Science behind Non Monogamy

Research has shown that couples who are in alternative relationships,
such as the swinging, have better communication skills with their partner. Non-Monogamous couples are more likely to stay married!


8 Qualities of Great Sex

Explore what elements contribute to great sexual experiences and how clinicians can use that information to help others struggling with decreased sexual pleasure. There's no secret recipe or eqaution. Learn Great Sex!

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