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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Big, Thick, Wide, Voluptuous, Yummy, Damn, and many more! These are the words many of us use when we see a beautiful round bubble butt. Butt Why?

First, it was big boobs, then a thin waist, and now big butts. My pleasures have changed as I have gotten older, and my sexual priorities have adapted. Ample curves and sculpted rears are synonymous with female sexuality. They are the ultimate symbol of female fertility and feminine sexuality. Butt, why exactly are people like me attracted to voluptuous bubble butts and thick thighs?


The honest answer is people like those lovely peaches because of their biological programming. When a woman’s rear begins to grow and become plump, it is a sign of female maturity – a sign that she is of childbearing age and therefore can be considered a sexual partner.

Let’s jump into the psychological part of this whole thing. Evolutionary professionals have said that a more prominent rear highlights a curved spine, which makes giving birth easier and safer and identifies to those trying to procreate (even if snipped or of the same sex) as a clear sign that they are ready. Sounds all too sexist? Not really, because this is true regardless of your sexuality or gender. It’s also suggested that having fat storage areas in your bum is an evolutionary advantage as it is a relatively safe place for fat accumulation and can provide much-needed energy stores if food supplies were to diminish.

Bigger is better aesthetically? It’s a common social norm always to want more, bigger, better, etc. So it makes perfect sense that many looks for that same thing in body parts. Don’t get me wrong, too much can be too much, but when it comes to a good butt, well, plump gets me a lump… “come on- laugh with me.”


Everyone is attracted to different physical attributes, aesthetics, and body qualities. Many people love boobs, some love butts, others go wild for long legs, some prefer blondes over brunettes, and so on – the best attraction is when someone sees the real you inside and becomes infatuated with your true self!!!

While ‘big’ butts are all the rage at the moment, there is so much more to having a great butt than size! Firstly, it’s more about proportion anyway, and secondly, most men will concede that any butt – big or small – is excellent. Eventually, adaptation will occur again, and we may like small feet next to or even longer or shorter hair.

If you allow yourself to see people for who they truly are, your attraction for others will soar into new realms. In the meantime, I will continue to love my butts and enjoy people for who they are.

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Warm Regards,

Craig Chacon SEC, SAVI, CIS, EMT-P/T

Board Certified Relationship, Intimacy & Sex Coach | Co-owner

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