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Specifically designed for the IntimateRider® Sex Chair, the Ridermate™ Deluxe Wedge System is a luxurious foam set of two wedges for your partner to lay on when the feeling strikes. Use one wedge or two, depending on the angle needed or comfort of your partner. Be soft and slow with two wedges, or pick up the pace and really bend them over with one wedge.


Sexual Positioning Cushions For Increased Comfort And Mobility


When combined with an IntimateRider® Sex Chair, the RiderMate™ Deluxe provides a plethora of angles and positions. The pulsating motion of the IntimateRider® combined with the soft and sensual feel of the RiderMate™ Deluxe creates an adventure to remember. Women with a physical challenge can also use one of the wedges of the RiderMate Deluxe for better positioning and support in their beds too.

IntimateRider Deluxe Wedge System

SKU: LS-7160
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